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maize exporters in India

Welcome To Balamurugan Traders

Balamurugan Traders is the one of the outstanding and superior quality yellow maize exporters in India. We are among the most prominent suppliers of yellow maize in India. From the time of its inception in 2012, the company has carved a name for itself in maize exports. The reason for our international customers preferring our company over other players in the market is the quality control we adhere strictly to. The team of handpicked experts present in our company assures that all our exports are of high quality. We ensure that the ordered products are delivered at the right time to our customers in whatever corner of the world they reside. The in-depth knowledge and years of experience we possess make us one of the leading maize exporters in the national and global yellow maize export markets.

Our Strength

We pride in being one of the most sought after maize exporters in India. The reason for the top quality maize products we supply lies in the stringent standards we follow. We make sure that the products are

  • Hygienically processed.
  • Of superior quality.
  • Technically sound.

The prices quoted for the products are highly competitive and the products are always guaranteed of quality. Prompt delivery coupled with satisfied customers is what we aim at.

Our Product

Maize is a widely grown cereal in the Indian subcontinent. Maize also goes by the name corn in the global market. The Indian environment is suitable for growing maize and India is one of the largest producers of maize in the world. It has also become one of the leading exporters of maize in recent years.

Need for Maize

The main reasons for the high demand of maize in India and all over the world are:

  • It is used as feed for animals or poultry.
  • It is also meant for human intake.

Additionally, it also serves as raw material in the production of alcoholic beverages, making of starch, food sweeteners, and also as fuel. The edible corn used widely includes the popcorn and sweet corn variety while starchy, flint or dent type maize is also used as food. The flint variety is used mainly for animal feed purpose only.

Maize is known for its high concentration of starch and its capability of being cultivated in different climates. The yellow maize is commonly used in the preparation of several nutritious and healthy recipes. Maize is a highly popular grain due to its excellent qualities which include

  • High nutritive value
  • Long shelf life
  • Good quality and fresh product

We are well equipped in providing maize that is of feed grade quality as well as the superior quality sortexed maize that is edible for humans.

Our team is highly qualified in producing maize of feed grade variety that comes at an amazingly competitive price. This is applicable to quantity ranges for small 20'FCL loads to full vessel load.

We also enclose the product in such a way that the freshness and the flavor remain intact when it reaches you.

Seamless Technology

Our company has taken maximum advantage of the latest advancements in maize processing and we have incorporated them aptly resulting in a top quality product that is delivered on or before the stipulated time period. The expert team and the seamless technology we employ result in guaranteed customer satisfaction at all times.

The advanced and sophisticated technology minimizes the defects that are bound to occur during processing. And the state of the art machinery enables us to process your order promptly without any delay or compromise done with the quality of the product. Once you have placed your order with us, you can be completely assured of top quality product, prompt delivery, and guaranteed satisfaction.