Best Quality Yellow Maize

Quality Process

Ensuring the finest and best quality in all the products we deal in is our topmost priority. The well-equipped team at Balamurugan Traders ensures all the norms are followed strictly so that the quality is not compromised for whatsoever reasons. We believe quality is the core foundation of our business. Whatever type of product you require including poultry feeds, starch, and food production, we have the necessary setup to provide you with a superior quality product all the time.

Maize Export From India

Quality Control Procedures

  • Right from the procuring stage to the packing and storing stage, we follow very strict standards to ensure the product that reaches the customer is hygienic and of finest quality.
  • The product delivery is done in accordance with the set standards and specifications that are laid down for maize products.
  • We ensure that the quality of the product is uniform and consistent in each and every order and the consignment that we process.
  • The raw materials we procure are checked for superior quality before they go through the finishing stages.

Shipping Procedure

The delivery of the finished and packed product is done according to the standard rules and regulations that are in place for yellow maize exports. Inspection of the product by an independent surveyor is done to ensure quality during the pre-shipment check up. Fumigation of the grains to prevent damage to the product is done thoroughly. All products that are to be shipped are phyto-sanitary certified by the appropriate personnel.

Packaging Specifications

The packaging process is an important stage of the entire export process which is supervised scrupulously. We use dry, hygienic, and fresh packing material for all time. The packing is done with top quality material to ensure total protection of the yellow maize products from dust, moisture contamination, pest, and insects. The sealing of the packaged product is done securely thus ensuring a strong and reliable protection till it is opened again on delivery. The packages are properly weighed and measured to ensure that the specifications are followed precisely. The quantities listed on the packages are defined measurements of the amount present inside.

Protective Packaging

We employ the most sophisticated and advanced technology in our packaging system. The yellow maize we process is protectively packed in PP (Polyprpylene) bags. The customized packaging method we use has the most advanced and technologically sound system that ensures the packed product retains its freshness and is hygienic and aromatic when it is delivered. The yellow maize we procure is of the finest quality and rich in protein. We purchase the yellow maize from our trusted and reliable vendors which guarantee that the product is of finest quality incessantly.

Product Quality

The enriched and nutritious range of yellow maize we supply is cultivated in a completely organic way that is free of any harmful pesticides. The organic quality maize we provide is well acclaimed in our customer circle for its farm fresh nature, fulsome flavor, and fine quality. We have established ourselves as one of the most prominent and quality driven yellow corn exporters in India. The moisture content, presence of damaged or broken kernels and foreign matter and affloataxin present in the finished and packaged product is very minimal. As a result, we ensure you get a superior quality product at the most competitive price range that you can find in the yellow maize export market.