About Balamurugan Traders

About Balamurugan Traders

Balamurugan Traders launched in the year 2012, is one of the largest exporters of yellow maize in India. We provide top quality maize grains of diverse varieties. We offer customized packing, which is priced competitively. We specialize in the export of yellow maize grains and take pride in being considered as one of the best suppliers and exporters of yellow maize in India. We maintain sturdy standards in the supplies we embark on. The international and national clients who deal with us are guaranteed of high quality maize at affordable rates.

Our Mission

Maize Exports From India

The team at Balamurgan Traders endeavors to produce the best quality yellow maize in the market. Timely delivery of the ordered supplies to the targeted destination is ensured by the expert team we have with us. Superior quality product, prompt delivery, and absolute satisfaction of the clients are our key objectives. We ensure that the high quality, fresh, and aromatic maize reaches you in the stipulated time period to serve your purpose.

Our Objective

We put in our best efforts to give our clients the best in the market. We are one of the top suppliers and exporters of high quality animal feed, which is attested by several satisfied customers who have traded with us. We make an effort to make our deals as transparent as possible allowing little or no space for complaints. We aim at on time and safe delivery of high quality products that are available at affordable prices. Catering to the specific needs of our customers whether the product ordered is meant for animal feed or human consumption is our top most priority.

Taking Care of Our Customers

We value our customers and strive to cater to them in the best way possible at all times. The strong links we have in the field of logistics have made it possible to ensure prompt delivery without any unjustifiable delay. The stringent and sound business ethics we follow help us promise our customers the best quality of service at all times.

Why Choose Us?

Though there are many competitors in maize exports, we still manage to hold an edge over them due to the strong code of ethics and meticulous management policies we follow. We have the advantage of

  • Unified, stable, and reliable business process
  • The finest quality maize available in the market
  • Economically viable and competitive prices
  • Timely delivery of orders
  • Strong global connections

Our Mentor

Balamurugan Traders was launched in 2012 with MS N. Varadharajan at its helm. He has a vast experience in the field of maize exports in India extending over seven years. He is a powerful presence who guides us in every step. The vast knowledge he has gained in the industry ranging from poultry feeds and cattle feed to starch production companies and food products with maize as the main ingredient has been of immense help to our company. He has worked for several food based production companies including Christy Foods which is one of the food manufacturing giants in India.

Why We are the Best in the Industry?

Processing Bulk Orders

We have the necessary infrastructure and workforce to handle bulk orders adroitly. The strong connection that we have maintained with our suppliers ensures that whatever order you place regardless of the quantity of the order, it will be delivered in the predetermined time period. Reliability is best guaranteed when you place your order with us.

Quality Control

The uncompromising and careful standards of quality control we practice ensure that you get the best and finest quality of yellow maize all the time. The quality of our products is guaranteed to meet the global standards aptly. All products that are delivered are passed through our quality control department and tested for superiority before they are packed. The advanced packing technology used helps to preserve the freshness and flavor of the product for a long time.

Proper Storage

We have an excellently designed and well equipped, airy and capacious warehouse facility that meets all the requirements specified for storage of maize.

Customer Satisfaction

Our well-maintained standards of quality, cost-effective prices, and first-rate service have ensured a satisfied grin that always goes detected on the face of our customers. Customers can contact us any time to keep track of their order and clarify any queries they have regarding the order they make or have made. The customer support team provides able support in all matters related to the order without making any sort of delay.